‘Enrolling my child in St. Brid’s Special School was the best decision my husband and I could have made for my son’s education. I can honestly say he looks forward to attending school every day! He is so happy there and has also dramatically improves educationally since enrolling in the school.

This school has a much better pupil teacher ratio so the pupils get individual attention. A full time nurse is on duty and there are several SNA’s available to help the children at all times and all ages. When parents visit the school, we are always made to feel welcome. It seems like we are a big family’.

‘‘We chose St. Brid’s Special school for our child for a number of reasons. The class sizes are quite small so every child receives maximum attention and support. The school programme is very well adapted to suit the needs of each individual child. The school is also equipped with excellent resources to maximize each child’s learning potential. The school is centrally located in Castlebar town-within walking distance of amenities such as the library, swimming pool, bowling alley, Linenhall arts centre, restaurants and shops. These experiences assist the children in becoming more independent. There is a wide variety of subjects on offer in the school, including cookery classes and woodwork, along with other subjects outlined in the NCCA curriculum. The quality of care given to the students in the school goes above and beyond any parent’s expectations. There is also a full time nurse attached to the school to cater for children with specific medical needs.Overall, the principal, teachers, SNA’s and staff of the school work extremely hard to provide the best possible education and care for every pupil- hence why we chose St. Brid’s.’

‘As parents of a child that has attended St. Brid’s we couldn’t be more happy with the school. We found the staff to be caring and professional and they worked with our daughter to reach her potential. As a result she achieved her goals and exceeded our expectation. We would highly recommend the school.’